O‚†‚†ice guidance


April, 1990 This law office was established in Ginza, Tokyo.

August, 1996 It was transferd to Toranomon, Minato-ku.

May, 2000 It was transferd to Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku.

August,2010 It was transferd to Ginza,

Handling incident
‚PDReal estate dealing etc.iSales or lease ContractCConstructionC Public auctionC Others.)

‚QDEnvironmental problem such bathing sunshine

‚RDFinancial dealing

‚SDMedical malpractice

‚TDLabor problem

‚UDPatent, Industrial new design, Copyright, Right of intangible property

‚VDTraffic accident

‚WDCommercial law

‚XDConsumer protectioniRuling indiscriminate sales and risky dealing etc.j

10DInheritance and divorce, etc.

11DCriminal law


Writing legal papers and making CD-ROM about a medical malpractice and medical corporation management.


The lecture about lease contract and auction is experienced.

The view over legal issue

Fundamentally, I think that legal procedure is useless unless it is solved quickly. Legal documents must be drafted promptly after investigating judicial precedents according to consulted contents. When quick solution by negotiation is considered to be difficult, I always advice my clients to decide whether or not they will go on a lawsuit, demanding court judgements.

Lawyer profile

Head lawyer Eiichi Goto
February 15, 1960 birth,Gunma.
1983 Waseda University Nationl economics department Graduation

Associate lawyer Ayako Akase
August 17, 1972 birth,Nagasaki.

2008 Syuto University Law department Graduation

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