Legal aid services

This is a guidance about the legal aid services to this office.

The application method

Please transmit after inputting required matters on the application page after confirming and approving of the following contents well.

1. Please transmit the application form after inputting required matters.
iSince a lawyer judges whether he can receive your consultation, we wish that you will describe the contents of your consultation briefly.)
2. When we have you come to our office for consultation, we contact you by telephone from us.
(I contact you within three days after receiving your application in principle.)
3. Please reserve the time of an interview by telephone at the time of connection.

4. Please hold a visit to an office and a consultation in the reserved time.

The timezone for which our lawyers can have an interview
Monday|Friday 9:00-19:00 (as a principle)
The charge of first time consultation
5000 Japanese yen per a half hour (You must pay the consumption tax additionally.)

The payment method
Please pay in cash at the interview that day.

About cancellation
If you become impossible to visit at a reserved time, please be sure to inform us of your absence in advance.

Keeping consultation and a formal request of legal procedure
When consulting continuously, the consultation is taken over anew. After consultation, you are able to request formally to our lawyer.


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