Judicial precedent introduction

It is introduction of a judicial precedent.
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1. Right of creditors to secure property

2. Right of tenant supercedes mortgagee's

3. Cap on guarantor's liability

4. Count mandated attachment: Rights of creditor superior to mortgagee's

5. Rights of lessee extend to sub-lessee

6. Judicial Sales: Caveat Emptor

7. Lorn: Caveat Creditor

8. Lorn: Caveat Creditor U

9. Fiduciary duty to disclose all teams under a contract between its client and a third party.

10. Stockbroker's responsibility in respondent superior

11. Security company's responsibility to make clear details concerning its financial products

12. Parent's liability to victim of their children's torts

13. Bank's duty to depositor client

14. Duty of owner of property gained under adverse possession

15. Bank's duty to inform of its limitations of liability

16. Architect's duty to clearly inform the full extent of his responsibilities

17. Binding power of promises under preliminary negotiations of rental agreement

Illegal act

1. Cap on lawyer's rights against opposing parties

2. Defamation of Unnamed Entity: Plaintiff establishes"colloquium"

3. Right to sunlight compensable: Joint tort responsibility to uphold right

4. Residential development on land at risk of collapse

5. Illegitimate IPO offering in struggle for management

6. Skyscraper held liable for loss of real estate property value due to incidental strong wind damage

Intangible property

1. Trademark Protection

2. Poor documentation leads to patent infringement liability

Medical treatment

1. Medical Malpractice: delay in treatment leads to untimely death of patient

2. Clinician's duty to transfer patient to major medical facility

3. Dental surgery malpractice

4. Physician's duty to disclose all risks

A trouble with the neighborhood

1. Court decision concerning shared ownership

A elative and inheritance
1. A lawyer's duties as executor of a will

2. Usage of trade relied upon to ascertain facts

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